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Apple: Announces 1 billion dollar franchise investment in Texas

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The Largest technology announces investment of 1 billion dollars in franchise in Austin-Texas, destined to meet its goal of generating 5,000 direct jobs and 10,000 indirect

 “Apple announces investment of up to 30 billion dollars over the next 5 years to generate jobs in the United States “


Consarca, Apple, news [CONSARCA – Apple park, Cupertino, California, United States, Us states]


🔜 Apple announces investment to generate jobs in the United States 🌏


The decision of the creative company APPLE IPHONE 3GSl, It was taken as a manage after the company was involved in political questioning at the end of the year after the promulgation of new U.S. tax laws. That prevented Apple from evading taxes on international profits, so the company announced plans to invest 30 billion dollars over the next 5 years, thus ensuring the production of at least 20,000 jobs in States United for the year 2023. (Us states)

With this project Apple idealize its largest factory outside of Cupertino (California), where its MAIN SEAT is located, with this the Apple Bite Company will consolidate the Texan capital as its largest operations center outside of California.

Tim Cook, the executive director of Apple, stated in a statement that the goal of his company is to bring “new investments, jobs and opportunities ” to different cities in the country.

 “The talent, creativity and innovative ideas of the future are not limited by region or zip code and, with this new expansion, we are redoubling our commitment to cultivate the high-tech sector and workforce across the country “, said Cook.

To what the mayor of Austin, Steve Adler, valued and exclaimed that the presence of Apple in the city is a “vital part” for the community, in addition to acknowledging the company’s commitment to developing the workforce.


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By the Texas Enterprise Fund (a Texan Government Business attraction Fund) The company will obtain multiple benefits and remuneration for its new Austin campus, initially Apple receives up to 25 million dollars in grants, as well as This explores the possibility of a reduction in property tax for 15 years, according to the local daily Austin American-Statesman.

The Company of the Apple bitten, will not be conformed only with its new franchise of Austin – Texas”

– Well, in addition to this project it also aspires to build other work centers in Seattle (Washington State), San Diego (California) and Los Angeles (California) for “More than 1,000 people ” each.

This implies a greater increase in jobs, rather “hundreds of new jobs ” in the facilities you already have in Nueva York, Pittsburgh (Pensilvania), Boulder (Colorado), Boston (Massachusetts) y Portland (Oregón)

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The process of choosing a city to locate the new offices of Apple in the country came without the public attention that generated during this year a similar operation on the part of another technological giant, Amazon online store, Which announced at the end of 2017 its intent to open a “Second general Headquarters ”

Consarca. Apple announces investment to generate jobs in the United States [Consarca – Apple invierte 10.000 millones de dolares en Texas]

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