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Apple Macbook, General features

Macbook apple

Apple’s computers are just a small demonstration of the great innovation capacity of the company, it always knows how to respond very well to the tastes and needs of its users, many asked for it and here we have it.

Apple Macbook

AppleMacbook Hardware Benefits:

The Apple MacBook has a unique operating system, and has other privileged features that are available only. Apple’s hardware design leaves nothing on the outside and unifies all the benefits that Apple users get, including products like the iMac “All-in-one “, the original iMac with its bright colors and the range of notebook computers. The company’s intension of the bite Apple was clearly integrating the use of a MAC computer, iPad, phone or iPod with Itunes from Apple and the App Store, to achieve to provide customers an aerodynamic Apple experience.

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Equipment Features

Like all Apple products, its design adheres to the sophisticated and minimalist with high-design values. Earlier in the original iMac’s first release he used bright colors in his casing.

Today the “All-in-one ” comes in two screen sizes, 21.5 inches (54.61 cm) and 27.5 inches (69.85 cm), and has an aluminum body instead of the white box which was also distinctive from Apple. It Is The original “All in one” computer, which eliminates the need for towers and numerous cables.

The MacBook Air with a much lighter weight of 3 lbs (1.36 kg), making it the lightest laptop on the market from the date of publication, and the distinctive aluminum case of the versions of MacBook Pro guarantee that the brand is recognized in all Parts of the world.

Operating System

In 1984, Apple introduced the first version of the Macintosh computer, which came with the included MAC OS operating system. At that time, it was known as “System Software “. Apple presented its Mac OS X, the latest edition, in the year 2001, with several updates after that event. Apple’s computers differ from Windows PCS as the company that manufactures the computer also makes the operating system. Apple points out that this ensures that the MAC OS and processor work together to deliver seamless performance. Each version of Mac OS X has the origin of its name in a large feline, the eighth version, released in July 2011, is called Lion.

The Shortcut Bar (Dock)

The Shortcut Bar is an essential part of the operating system. It Is located at the bottom of the screen and allows users to quickly access and launch applications. Icons for applications such as Safari, the Apple browser and Itunes, the main application for music and podcasts, are easily recognizable. You Can Customize the applications that appear in the shortcut Bar, and the Stacks application allows quick access to downloads and documents. OS X 10.6 (Lion) includes the Launchpad, a new tool to store and use the applications purchased from Apple’s application store.


Among its functions we have a very basic but useful, is The search engine is a tool to access any of your folders, files and documents. You Can organize files by type or date, and there are other additional ways to organize files for advanced users. Also, if you can’t remember which folder you saved a document from, you can use Spotlight or QuickLook to find it. You Can Search by topic phrases if you can’t remember the name of the file and it will show you the ones that result from the search. You Don’t even have to open the file to see if it’s the right one; By pressing the SPACEBAR, the QuickLook program will give you a screenshot of the contents of the space bar.

Macbook Apple

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