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Applications to record the screen on Android devices

Aplicaciones para grabar la pantalla de tu dispositivo android

Applications to record the screen on Android devices

This function is very useful when you need to record in your smartphone with tecnology fi network some action that we are doing on our phone, however are few that come with this function included, users APPLE IPHONE 3GSL tienen la dicha de tener esta función incluida en sus teléfonos, y los usuarios de androide no se preocupen, por suerte contamos con varias aplicaciones en nuestro Play Store que sirven muy bien, elige la que mas te guste.

Here we show you some applications that you can use to record the phone screen, however you need to have a device with android store 5.0 From now on but others allow to record also in older software versions as android 4.4.

Applications to record the Android mobile screen

1- AZ Screen Recorder – No Root:

This Application records the screen of your smartphone en FullHD and QHD Without time limit, also allows to record audio from the microphone of the phone and best of all is that this application can pause the video and resume. Download now

YouTube Gaming:

Esta aplicación permite grabar la actividad de la pantalla del Smartphone y seleccionar el formato de vídeo que desea, las opciones de formato de video son 720HD o 480SD.

At the time of recording remember that it will appear in the video everything that is seen on the screen, including notifications or calls, also recorded the sound of the game or app that is in operation and sounds close to the microphone of the telephone.

Youtube Gaming Benefits:

A differences of other app This allows To activate the front camera of the phone and record your face and you can also personalize the video with audios from a library as long as it is royalty-free.

Finally the app for the best android phone It gives you the option to post directly after create youtube business accountand add a review if you wish.

3- DU Recorder – Record screen:

To Finally the Applications to record the Android mobile screen, we have this App that can not be left out of this list, is totally free and meets all the features of the previous app, also allows to record the screen in high Quality: 1080p a 60FPS no need to be root user and no time limits to record, in a nutshell is the perfect application.


  • Record in video with pause option, record external sound and activate front camera
  • Capture screen with image editing: Join, crop, and draw
  • Video Editor for cropping, adding music and adjusting the volume
  • Weighs alone 5MB. Download now

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