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How do calls through the internet works?

    How do calls through the internet?     

Nowadays there is the possibility of saving a lot of money in mobile phone payments, this is possible through wireless networks that allow connection to the Internet without the need to activate the data plan of our device, This type of internet phone call is ideal in internet phone service business and achieve national or international communication with different apices of the company, for this reason it is very feasible to include the internet calls in business phone systems. 

Using the Internet to call by phone is very simple, so in practice there are not many things you need to know. You just have to take advantage of our services and stop wasting your money. In any case, it sure reassures you to make sure that:

1 – It is absolutely legal
2 – It does not go against the terms and conditions of your telephone company or internet  provider
3 – It’s like chatting, but doing it by voice
4 – In most cases, it is cheaper than traditional telephony
5 – If the sound quality with a good internet connection is excellent
6 – Those who receive the call will not even know

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How is this possible?

A simple answer to Internet call, there are multiple platforms to internet phone service business in charge of offering calls through cimetic fiber connections, the most common is the conextion fi network.

How fi network works?

Free calls through wifi are a great idea for those who make calls from their cell phones or PCs frequently. This solution saves a lot of money throughout the year, and is a great alternative to traditional ground services, expensive mobile contracts (including 3G) and even VoIP clients such as Skype or Google Voice.

Calls with VoIP technology work differently than conventional calls. If, in the old way, the voice was transmitted only through a cable circuit, in the case of voice calls with protocol over Ip network, the signal can be transmitted over the Internet.

To begin with, here it is likely that you should have an analog converter that we call ATA (which stands for Analog Telephone Adapter). The mission of this device is to digitalize the analog signals (the dialed numbers, the voice signal, the hanging and hanging operations), converting them into data packets that are transmitted to an IP address through the provider.

Finally, the provider of VoIP is in charge of transferring the digitized data to the IP address marked by Internet. When the person picks up the telephone and speaks, a connection between the two channels exchanging voice data with one another quickly occurs.

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