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How to set up the Apple Watch and how to use it.

As always our company star Apple together APPLE DEVELOPER does not cease to surprise us, is that it has nothing left on the outside, now it is not necessary to take your phone with you to enjoy its benefits, today you can configure the applications you want to use from your Apple Watch.

How to use the Apple Watch? basic functions

Here we show you the basic functions of the iWatch in icloud drive how to use them, the main ones are the Digital Crown, the side button and the gestures.

How to set up the Apple Watch and how to use it?

Press or rotate the Digital Crown of the Apple Watch

  • Press to view the clock sphere or the home screen.
  • Double click to go back to the last app.
  • Press and hold to use Siri.
  • Rotate to enlarge, scroll, or adjust what appears on the screen.
  • In the Apple Watch Series 2 or later, rotates to unlock the screen during a swim workout.

Press the side button

  • Press to show or hide the Dock
  • Press and hold to use SOS
  • Double click to use Apple Pay
  •  Press and hold to turn the clock on or off

Press the side button

If you want to remove the strap, you only have to press the strap release buttons on the back of the watch. 

Take a look at the Apple Watch screen

With the Apple Watch Series 2 or later, you can turn on the screen gradually so that the brightness level is low. For example, you might want to take a look at the screen in a movie theater.

Turn the Digital Crown slowly to gradually activate the display and then rotate it in the opposite direction to turn the display off.

Using gestures

To interact with the Apple Watch, you can use several basic gestures. When you touch the screen, the watch uses Force Touch technology to perceive the strength you press on the screen.


Press the screen firmly to change the clock’s sphere, view options in an app and much more.


Touch the screen to select a button or item.


Drag your finger across the screen to scroll or slide a slider.


Slide your finger up, down, left or right to see different screens.