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Learn How to convert and download step by step videos

▶ Convertir y descargar videos paso a paso - CONSARCA

At some point we have all gone through the situation of wanting to see a video and we have already consumed our data plan, or the Internet presents flaws.

The Perfect solution is to download in the memory of the phone or computer our favorite videos, although they are on Youtube or any platform of videos, and though seldom gives us the option to download directly, here we show you the best options of Programs. Convert and download videos and the step-by-step procedure.

1 – Telecharge run vídeo:

▶ convert and download videos - CONSARCA

Within its many functions includes a free converter for YouTube account of MP4 and MP3, that allows to convert and to save a video or a song in various standard formats like MP4 or MP3 and thus you will be able to always enjoy your favorite videos on your PC, MAC , mobile phone, PSP…

2 – To Use the converter you need Internet connection:


1- Search Youtube For The video you want to save.
2- Open the video and select Copy Url from the Video.
3- Paste the URL into the Converter’s search bar
4- Select The format you want to download.
5- Finally click on “GENERATE DOWNLOAD LINK
6- When The link is ready click DOWNLOAD. Download it here

 3 – Online video converter:


▶ convert and download videos - CONSARCA [Consarca –]

This program can be said to be the most complete in the issue of file conversions, due to the wide compatibility it has with other portals, such as Facebook, Instagram, Youku, among others.

It is Also necessary to have a good Internet connection to use this video converter, it is equally important that the video you want to download is on one of the pages supported by the Online Video converter.

1- Look For The video, open it and select Copy Url from the Video.
Select The format you want to download.

3- Click on start.
4- Once you have loaded the conversion, click on Download or scan the QR code. Download it here