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Instagram, the application that you want to seize the sale of products

Instagram, la aplicación que se quiere apoderar de la venta de productos, lo cual amenaza con derrumbar el liderazgo del comercio electrónico que ha ganado Amazon en los últimos años.

Instagram, the application available for all types types of operating system that wants to take over the sale of products, which threatens to topple the leadership of electronic commerce that has won Amazon in recent years.

After analyzing and seeking equity among the various users who require their services made an announcement this Tuesday thinking about the users who focus their business on the promotion and sale of products, Instagram for APPLE IPHONE 3GSl will include the option of buying the products Promoted within the application itself.

The users will be able to buy the products that appear inside the photographs, an initiative that in principle is directed for 20 consolidated marks, which means that Instagram, it wants to seize the sale of products which threatens to collapse the E-commerce leadership that Amazon has gained in recent years.

How will this instagram store update work?

This platform will work showing a picture of the product along with a description, its price and also contains a link that redirects you to the place where you can buy, ie no longer have to be content only to look at the products, now you can make your purchase Directly from the social network trends.

To summarize, the customer interested in buying with just click on the photo of the product will show all the necessary data to make the transaction through ig account.

This update of the application is in trial period, that is why to start its consolidation is available only to promote the main industries with greater leadership in sales, for example sportswear firms like Adidas, And it also highlights the Kylie Jenner beauty product line, or the Prada and Oscar de la Renta designs.

How is this update born a Shop instagram App?

This Initiative, responding to the need for Facebook ownership to match the capitalization of popularity in fashion profiles and influencers without leaving out companies that want to promote their products, according to The Wall Street Journal.

“From A consumer perspective, we are building a complete shopping experience, “says Instagram product manager, Vishal Shah., la aplicación que se quiere apoderar de la venta de productos.

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This commercial option of Instagram, is perfect, because it facilitates the work and makes efficient the purchase and sale of products, with this innovative update it is allowed to the promoters to link their account of Instagram With that of Paypal, and save the method of payment within the application itself.

In Addition to offering and promoting products, the technology of San Francisco (California) It will use the data of the purchases made by the users to refine the algorithms and to show the most successful announcements to the members of the Social network.

Instagram is a giant platform of more than one billion monthly users and its largest percentage of customers are young people interested in recent events and fashion trends.

According to Shah, “People were already buying in Instagram. It’s just that it was costing them more time”.

What should the interested brands do?

At the time of affiliation in shop Instagram app, the trademarks interested in the sales service of Instagram must pay a fee for expenses derived from the processing service of payments through credit card and other derivatives of the purchase, although they did not detail what Class.

If you approve your success, Instagram would raise the profit percentage of brands that want to sell their products on the platform.

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