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Start Recovery Mode Android

Iniciar modo recovery android

ALL devices Android Have reset settings android hidden, called Recovery mode standard, which can get us out of some trouble.

The modo Recovery it works as a system partition and allows independent booting of the system, which gives us the ability to get our Android boot smoothly when it locks its operation.

How to reset Samsung?

Start the mode Reset android, It is necessary to remember that it is a very appealing option when our phone does not react, you access this option with the device off and you must make a series of combinations of buttons that vary depending on the model of the phone.

We Will take the time to show you the combinations of buttons to enter the mode data recovery of the most popular Android Devices, if we skip some combination don’t worry about doing a simple search on Google drive you will be able to find the combination of the model you are looking for.

To Start the modo recovery on all models Android co it is essential to turn off the device.

– Nexus, Motorola and other: Press and hold the volume down button and press the power button until the device lights up.

– HTC and others: Hold down the buttons to lower and raise the volume, and without releasing, press the power button until the device lights up.
– BQ and other: Press and hold the volume up button and press the power button until the device is turned on.

– Samsung android: Press and hold the down and Home buttons and hold the power button down until the device is turned on.

– Sony: Turn on the device and hold the volume up button when the Sony logo appears and the LED light turns pink/amber/orange.

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In Many devices androidone the following steps must be followed:

Press the volume down button several times to select the option “Recovery mode”.

2- Press the power button to restart the device in recovery mode. An image of an Android Will Appear with a red exclamation mark and the words “No commands “.

3- Press and hold the power button and press the button to turn up the volume once.

Recovery mode

How to start recovery mode with the help of a computer?

If It is complicated to get the combination of buttons, do not worry, fortunately we can turn from our PC to Modo Recovery. Con la ayuda de aplicaciones como Android SDK, con el SDK Tools Only nos sobra, junto a los drivers de nuestro dispositivo podemos acceder al Recovery mode ejecutando desde un terminal o ventana de comandos una simple instrucción. Conectado nuestro dispositivo al ordenador por USB y dentro de la carpeta platform-tools del Android SDK ejecutamos el comando.

Start Recovery Mode Android, Its two most practical functions

Once in recovery mode we find two very practical options. The first one is the option “wipe data/factory reset” To reset the factory device, a very assertive option if we see that our device does not start. To Navigate your menu we will help you with the volume buttons to go up and down and to select the option marked press the power button.

The second option is “wipe data recovery” That allows erasing the temporary data from the operating system cache which is ideal if we need to release some memory in the device eliminating the junk files that have been created after months of use.

Despite being an option that is very useful and offers good results immediately, it is not advisable to perform this operation so often, only in specific cases of emergencies in which the device stops working well.